Lighting can make or break the ambience in a home. That's why we created Innr, a complete Smart Lighting system with which you can change the ambience at the push of a button, via the app on your smartphone or tablet.
Outdoors you have the sun, indoors Innr shines.

Innr at a glance

Professional and practical light advice

Complete range of beautiful LED lights for your home

Control your lights and moods with the Innr app

Easy to install in a flash

Innr mood app

Experience Innr

...when your day begins

...when you are together with your family

...when friends come round

...when you want some peace and quiet

...when you call it a day.

Experience Innr ...when your day begins
Experience Innr ...when you are together with your family
Experience Innr ...when friends come round
Experience Innr ...when you want some peace and quiet
Experience Innr ...when you call it a day.
Easy to control with your smartphone.
Try it!

Innr for every moment

Create the right atmosphere for every moment in your home. With the Innr app you can control every light separately or select one of the moods.
lighting system
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Light for every room
and every place

With Innr you can illuminate every room perfectly.
Different luminaires together form a complete system of beautiful LED-lights for your home. Bulbs for general lighting, Spots to accentuate and Strips for decorative lighting. Let your interior come to life with the right lights.


With the Innr smart LED Bulbs you replace your existing light bulbs. Beautiful, warm energy efficient light. Fits in E27 screw base of your existing fixtures.


The Innr LED Spotlights are perfect for accent lighting with their beautiful and strong light beam in different variants. Create the perfect ambience by accentuating your favorite objects.


Decorative lighting of a cabinet or worktop brings these objects to life. The Innr LED Strips can be extended flexibly and are especially designed for a seamless finish.


The Bridge is the smart control center of the Innr lighting system. You control your lights wirelessly via the app or remote control. With the wireless ‘mesh network’ you have maximum reach in and around your home.


Smartphone not handy? Use the Innr remote control.
Also handy for guests or the babysitter.
Light for <strong>every room </strong><br />and every place
light advice
Free advice with the LightAdvisor!
Make an easy start with our Starter Kit

We are glad to help

Deciding what lighting you need can be hard. That’s why Innr helps you choose right lights. Do you have one specific lighting problem in your room? We will show you the Innr product for a clever solution. Do you want a complete lighting makeover for your room? The LightAdvisor can create a complete light plan for you. With a floor plan that shows you the best position for each light  and a shopping list for the Innr products you need. That's how Innr helps you create the right light for every moment.

Do it yourself

Setting up Innr is simple. Install the lights, download the app and the system will connect itself. No tools, easy and simple.

Start with Innr

Create a complete light plan with the LightAdvisor
Begin with a starter kit and easily expand step by step

Choose now!

The advantages of Innr

Free professional online light plan
Control with app or remote control
The perfect mood at the push of a button
Every light separately dimmable
Installation in a flash
Dutch design suits every interior
Warm white LED light and perfect colours.

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